5 Tips To Choose The Right Copywriting Niche


Dear Friend,

As you know, I am a financial copywriter. You could argue that the choice of my niche was obvious, considering my educational and professional background. However, it wasn’t.

Why? Because I also wanted to write about my passions. And I did in a way, with my blogs. When I started my freelance career, I took many assignments on different niches: SEO Writing on many sectors, keyword research, blog articles… I took every assignment I could do, just to show my writing skills.

Consequently, my copywriting career started to crumble. I started being overwhelmed by the amount of work I had. I took small assignments which were time-consuming. And I didn’t see anything positive coming out of my business.

That’s why I needed to step back and think. As a matter of fact, I failed to do one of the first thing every copywriting expert advises right away, which is…


In this article, I will show you the right way to choose the right copywriting niche. The one you’ll feel comfortable writing in…

And how to never look back afterwards.

I’m sorry, what is a copywriting niche?




A copywriting niche is a specialization. You choose a copywriting aspect you want to know in depth and offer your writing skills to it.

Obviously, a niche can be an industry: finance, IT/tech, health, or B2B, just to name a few.

However, a niche can also refer to a specific copywriting form that you really want to deepen. It’s the form of expression you deliver to your clients, regardless of the industry.

Therefore, here are some niches you might explore:

  • direct-response copywriting
  • SEO Writing
  • social media management
  • keyword research
  • technical writing
  • email marketing

Now, we are acquainted with the notion of copywriting niche. What if we had an in-depth look in some which are currently popular in the market?


What are the popular copywriting niches right now?



Below are examples of popular copywriting niches that firms are chasing for these days in the market.

Technical writing

Do you enjoy writing instruction booklets, FAQs, and manuals? Then, you’ll be happy as a technical writer.

Indeed, technical writing focuses on practical materials and processes documentation. I feel that this writing style might be suitable for former consultants, for example.

Examples of technical writing deliverables are:

  • standard operating procedures and policies
  • executive summaries
  • business briefings

However, if you want to excel in technical writing, you need to gather some undisputable qualities. Indeed, you must:

  • be a thorough researcher,
  • learn new things everyday
  • have top-notch commincation skills
  • have graphic abilities
  • be proficient in some tools such as Canva or Photoshop

SEO Writing

If there is a copywriting skill that is highly valued nowadays, that will be SEO Writing.

Every business wants to see its website and pages being highly ranked on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

In that spirit, SEO Writing will focus more on blog articles, keyword research, and on-pages SEO.

Can you manage to write magnetic articles and content that can be on the first pages of search engines? Then, a long-lasting copywriting career will open its arms to you.

Personally, SEO Writing is a copywriting skill I strive to have. That’s why I write blogs. Also, I offer this skill in my services. Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Direct-response copywriting

This niche is definitely my favorite. And the most lucrative of all.

When you are active in direct-response copywriting, you write sales copy that direct engages with your current and potential customers.

Examples of direct-response copywriting are sales letters, web packages, landing pages, or brochures.

Direct-response copywriting has the highest earning potential because it has an impact on the sales of a business.

Consequently, it’s not rare to see skilled copywriters getting a five, six or seven-figure income, as well as royalties.

Nevertheless, direct-response copywriting is the most challenging niche. Why? Because it’s quite hard to make a name in it.

You really need to hone and polish your writing skills. Also, breaking in this niche means that you need to have researching skills, and be curious about everything.

At this stage, copywriting is more than a skill or a trade. It’s a lifestyle.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an increasingly demanded niche.

From social media to email marketing, this niche offers a huge number of writing possibilities.

In addition, understanding digital marketing can help you to build a large portfolio of clients and enjoy a successful career.

If you strongly enjoy sales and branding issues, then this niche is for you!


Finally, we arrive at my other favorite niche…with direct-response copywriting.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the financial niche has experienced an increasingly steady growth over the years.

Indeed, people want to be financially independent, or have a nice and secured retirement.

This niche is constantly looking for skilled writers. Also, the financial niche is one of the highest paying copywriting niches, along with B2B.

The financial niche encompasses other smaller niches, such as:

  • investing/money management
  • financial planning
  • day trading
  • mortgages
  • passive income
  • financial independence…

All you need is to choose the topic you are comfortable with.

Personally, I found out that another financial niche that is currently paying well is insurance. I’ve had some insurance clients for the last 8 months now.

Health and fitness

Health and fitness is another niche that is currently booming.

Indeed, people are striving to remain healthy and attractive. For these reasons, this niche offers many writing opportunities.

If you are interested in fitness, that might be the right moment to jump in and follow the market trends.

Tech industry

Honestly, I am interested in the tech industry. Because this niche is constantly revolutionizing our world.

And frankly, I bet you always read about the next Facebook in the newspapers. Or maybe you are amazed at the increasing power of the GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft).

Many tech companies allocate more cash in their marketing and advertising departments to scale their businesses. Therefore, if you have a knack for this sector, you can find many lucrative writing opportunities.

Fashion and beauty

Okay, let’s face it. Fashion and beauty will never be out of business. Never.

Everyone wants to be well groomed…or have the latest trendy clothes to deliver the best image of themselves.

However, the most challenging thing is the lack of publications. But you can write for famous bloggers in this niche and get a steady income for yourself.


Just like finance and tech, legal copywriting is one of the highest paying niche out there.

But it’s also one of the most technical and difficult niche to approach.

When you delve into this niche, you need to be knowledgeable in this niche. If you don’t have a legal background, don’t even think about this niche.

Moreover, one of the most challenging thing is to write copy that lets your clients out of legal trouble. Indeed, you must not miscommunicate their services to their audience because it will have consequences.

In a few words, if you don’t have the technical background and a specific soft skills, don’t choose the legal niche.


How did I choose my copywriting niche?



Before choosing my writing niche, I had to go through a process where I asked myself where I would be happy to work.

Let me share these fundamental questions with you.

Question #1: What is my background?

I had to review my educational and professional background – this is not a joke. As I used to work in finance and banking, the choice of my current niche became blatant.

Question #2: What are my hobbies?

Unfortunately, I have many hobbies: travelling, music, museums, opera, hiking… Therefore, choosing a niche among my hobbies would be very difficult for me. That’s why I had to exclude them as I strived to choose my niche.

Question #3: What are my writing skills?

When I thought about my niche, I had already landed some writing gigs. So I knew what I could do and what I couldn’t. I also paid attention to the feedback of my clients on a platform called Malt. That’s how I decided to offer many writing services such as SEO and content writing.

As for sales letters, I remembered the positive reviews that I received from my AWAI instructors while I was completing the Advanced Copywriting Course. So I decided to offer my services in this area as well.

Question #4: What are the last books that I read?

The books you read are basically an extension of your personality and interests. When I reviewed the last five books that I read, I noticed a pattern revolving around biographies, finance, and personal development.

Consequently,my reading habits confirmed my niche selection – finance.

Question #5: Where is the money?

Come on, people, I can see your face asking me if I had to think about money. However, you should remember that I am currently building a business, not a charity.

Therefore, I wanted to choose a niche where I would have a potential high earning power. Finance just fits into this requirement.

In a few words, choosing the right copywriting niche can be quite overwhelming, considering the numerous trends that exist in the market. However, when you ask yourself the right questions, your choice will be easy and obvious for you.

Well, that’s it for today! What do you think about the way I choose the right copywriting niche? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Check also my Services page or my Contact page if you need more information about my trade.

See you soon!

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  1. Parameter


    Highly detailed info on choosing a copy writing niche. As a content marketer, I do a lot of writing and where most beginners fail is at choosing a niche. They get confused and doable into too many things at a time. A lot of teachers emphasize on finding your interest point. But you went further and ask where is the money? It is the secret to long lasting happiness in copywriting. Finding your interest that is profitable 

  2. Lisa


    This is great information on choosing the right copywriting niche. Niches are a maker or breaker. If you get it wrong you are sunk. I write a lot but only stick to a few subjects like Pinterest marketing, SEO, and How to be a blogger. Not doing too much is great advice!

  3. Kwidzin


    Thanks for this little update on interesting a possible lucrative niches for people to write about. With more and more people using the internet today, theres a whole wide world of niches to write about and its a very exiting time that we are currently living in and can be a great fun helping to build it all

  4. Grace


    You know what they say about finding a niche? Find it and you’ll succeed.

    Being an affiliate marketer myself, I know that this is such a critical step in affiliate marketing and one that many people take for granted. When you are a blogger, it is important to find the niche that will be profitable and passionate for you. There are so many possibilities with blogging since there’s no limit on what type of content can be made; however, if your blog post becomes hard to write or lacks inspiration then it may not turn out as well as planned. 

  5. Andrew


    Thanks for that overview of choosing the right copywriting niche. There is quite a lot to think about when you’re choosing a niche especially when you’re wanting to build a productive business around it. 

    The tip on looking back on the last five books you’ve read is especially helpful. It reminds me of the quote of Jim Rohn that we become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

    Perhaps we become the average of all the books we read too! It comes down to where we’re focusing our attention.

    My last five – “The Socrates Express” by Eric Weiner; HBR Guide to Being More Productive, “Hyperfocus” by Chris Bailey, “Emergence” by Derek Rydall, “to a dancing god” by Sam Keen.

    Thanks for pricking my memory.

    All the best with the website

  6. Logan


    I really enjoyed reading this article since I have been having trouble recently with choosing the right niche for my business and I think after having read this I know the Health and Fitness niche is the one for me. Copywriting is a very cool niche and I think it can be very lucrative if you can target the right audience. Thank you for your post!

  7. Sariyah


    Hey great article! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this idea before, but after reading it, it has opened a few good opportunities for myself!

    I think my favourite niche from the list would have to be fashion and beauty, after carefully considering the questions below! SEO writing is definitely something I can use for my site, everyone is in need of one. I’m going to save this and come back to it again!

  8. Johnny


    Excellent article and tips for us beggining our journey in copy. It´s not easy to find the correct niche, neither the typicall “what I am good for?”. Nice and concise tips about how to discover what´s our talent and what we can do with this talent. I´m currently trying to begin my own business and did fail a few times last year because I did not ask myself these 5 questions you mention. Will try again after doing a self input about myself. Thanks again!

  9. JerromyC


    Very informative article!

    Niching down is important to almost any line of work in my opinion. 

    As a freelance web designer/digital marketer, I do A LOT of the work myself and it can get very overwhelming at times and take away the one thing I wanted when I started working for myself. Of course, that was having more time for things outside of work and it is at a point that I have absolutely no free time at all!

    I initially found this article looking for ways to write content that is more persuasive, but I am now considering hiring a team of VA’s that are experienced in the niches that my clients work in. 

    Thank you for the motivation and clarity!

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