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Dear Friend,

When I decided to change my career perspectives to become a freelance copywriter, some friends of mine were very confused. Though they were happy for me, some were very worried about my situation.

Some of them asked me if I would work with artists in copyright issues.

Some of them told me that I was crazy and that content writing does not pay much…

To answer them, I decided to write my first blog post to explain the difference between some key concepts around the writing industry: copy, copywriting, copyright and content writing.

Let’s examine them in depth.


Copy vs copywriting



Copy is any text used to entice prospects to purchase, opt-in or engage in a desired action. One can find the enticing text  in printed and online sales letters, brochure and all advertising/promotional materials.

Copywriting is the process of writing copy. I swear this is the simplest definition of copywriting I’ve ever written 🙂


Copyright vs copywriting



Copywriting is the process of writing advertising or promotional materials. On the other hand, copyright is the ownership of the rights of certain material which is protected against illegal use from unauthorized persons.

Copyright especially concerns creative agents, such as musicians, songwriters, authors, writers… and even copywriters in some cases.

Indeed, some direct-response copywriters can negotiate royalties on sales induced by their copies. However, you have to be a very successful and established copywriter to get this type of deal. This is not my case yet. But I hope I’ll get there soon.


Content writing vs copywriting



Copywriting aims at selling a product or service to a designed target. On the other hand, the purpose of content writing is to inform the audience about a product or a service.

Marketers use content writing to indirectly attract clients to buy your products, to increase engagement, or to enable customer retention.

For example, content writing will include writing blog posts, podcasts, case studies, social media posts and everything around content marketing.

To sum up the difference between copy, copywriting, copyright, and content writing, let’s say this:

  • Copywriting is the process to write copy
  • Copywriting and copyright are very different concepts, but some direct-response copywriters are linked to copyright through the royalties they can earn
  • Copywriting sells a product or a service whereas content writing aims at informing the audience and enabling customer loyalty.

Hope that these concepts are clear to all of you now! Did you know these different concepts? Share with me in the comments section below!

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See you soon!



  1. NicoleSpirals


    Thanks for making the difference between these terms super clear. They are definitely all very different. I had thought about becoming a copywriter at one point because I doubted my ability to make money as a content writer. Now, I’m just going full steam ahead into the world of content writing and I’ve never been happier even though I know I’m taking the long road to “success.” It’s better to go with what you’re passionate about rather than the faster money in my opinion. There are some really talented copywriters out there and I know it’s not my strong suit! 

  2. Richard


    Thank you for writing this article. I am always unsure about the term copywriting. I am now much clearer and I learn much more about what is content writing and the difference between the two. And this can indeed feel confusing or interchangeable because usually, as far as I’m aware, content writing is also selling a product or service, although in a more subtle form. 

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