As a future client, you’ll want to get evidence of my copywriting skills. Actually, you’ll be perfectly right to do so.

Indeed, copywriting is one of these skills where you have to show what you can do and how the client can benefit from your savoir-faire.

In this context, this page is dedicated to display examples of my writing skills…and how I can put them to work for you!

My portfolio includes sales letters, online sales pages, SEO writing assignments, and many other topics.

Aso, I write in French and English, as I am fluent in both languages.

In this regard, many of my assignments are written in French. However, please note that I can do the same work in English.


Sales Letter

For this assignment, I have written a sales letter to promote a traditional Southern restaurant based in New Orleans.

Read this sales letter below:

Sales letter.pdf


Online Sales Package

I have written a whole online sales package to promote a new online educational game aiming at educating children in finance. This online sales package includes the following elements:

  • the preliminary promotional email,
  • the online sales page itself,
  • and finally the order page.

Read this online sales package below:

Online Sales Package.pdf

SEO Writing/Website Content

I have carried out several SEO writing assignments for several e-shop and informational websites. In those cases, my main clients were small businesses.

I have written with specific keywords to help my clients getting higher ranking on web search engines. The examples I am displaying are written in French, but I can easily make the same work in English.

Read my SEO writing assignments samples below:

Des confitures de fruits naturelles et faites maison – Découvrez les c (

Saveurs et Tentations boulangerie-pâtisserie à La Voulte-sur-Rhône (

Un cabinet d’accompagnement et de suivi d’études pour vos constructions à Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes (

Social Media posts

I have written a series of posts to share on the social media of a French insurance company (Twitter and Instagram). I can easily do the same work in English, whenever requested.

Social media posts_insurance.pdf

Print Ad

I have conceived and written the print ad of a real estate client who wanted to promote his business in the local newspaper. Thus, it helped him to be more noticeable alongside his current and potential clients.

Though this assignement was performed in French, I can perform the same work in English.

Couverture SDI Expertise_VF

Free Reports/Lead magnets


I have written a free report on women and investment in French. It is called “Les Femmes et la Finance – Pourquoi investir?” (Women and Finance: Why invest?). I wrote it for a consulting firm specialized in financial coaching. I can perform the same job in English on demand.

Free Report Women Finance

Energy (B2B company)

I have written a free report regarding the many ways to save energy consumption for businesses. I wrote this report for a company specialized in energy brokerage. Though I wrote this report in French, I can perform the same job in English.

REZO Energy – Optimisation – Entreprises

Real estate investments

I have written a free report/lead magnet about the multiple ways to invest in real estate for a business network. I wrote this report in French and I can also perform this assignment in English.

Livre Blanc de l’investisseur immobilier – Kovalys Connect-V1

Landing Pages

Here is a sample of a landing page to incite the viewers to download the free Guide “7 Steps to  Building a Successful Black Brand”. This work was performed in English.

Lead Gen Copy_Landing Page_Strong Black Brand

Email marketing

I wrote this welcome email as the first series of an email funnel dedicated to the student community of an online training company. I can also perform this task in English on demand.

Email bienvenue – EduCarib

These writing samples are just some examples of my skills. I’ve got more to show – on demand.

Do you want more information on my work? Feel free to contact me through my Contact page.

Moreover, you can also follow me on my Facebook and my Instagram pages.

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