The 4P Approach To Write Compelling Copy

Writing compelling copy that will sell is quite challenging.

Indeed, as a freelance copywriter, I’ve learnt very quickly that copywriting is not about randomly writing on a topic.

However, after several months of research, I stumbled upon some effective selling methods to reach your target and sell anything.

That’s how I discovered the 4P Approach during my AWAI Copywriting Training.

Here is the structure of the 4P Approach:

  • Promise
  • Picture
  • Proof
  • Push

In this article, we will review each step of this method.

Why is the 4P approach so popular?


The 4P approach is very popular because it helps marketers to write great compelling copy. It is also conversion-oriented and is designed to appeal to the wants and the needs of your target audience/prospects/customers.

That’s why you should carry a synthetic portait of your ideal client before using this method to achieve greatest results:

  • gender
  • age
  • profession/occupation
  • income
  • beliefs
  • consumption habits
  • hobbies

Also, the 4P approach gives a clear sales framework to marketers and copywriters. Therefore, it enables them to give all the necessary information the prospects might need to make a sound buying decision.

Step #1: Promise

4p copywriting - promise


This step is the big claim you are making to your clients. For this reason, you can use it in your headline or in the lead of your copy.

The promise describes what your product or your service will do for your clients; and how it will change or improve their lives.

For example, let’s imagine that you sell a new diet system. In your promise, you can tell your clients that you are offering a revolutionary diet that does not offer any constraints or forbidden foods.

The promise helps you to capture your audience’s interest. Thus, they are hooked and are eager to know more about your product.

Consequently, you have to think a lot about the angle you will use to captivate your clients. You may use humor, or pop culture that can appeal to your clients.

Step #2: Picture

4p copywriting picture


Next, you have the picture step. At this stage, you help your audience to visualize the numerous benefits that your product or service will bring into their life.

To do so, you will tap into their emotions. Here are some examples of emotions that are mostly used in the 4P approach:

  • fear
  • envy
  • jealousy
  • pride
  • anger
  • greed
  • joy
  • optimism
  • curiosity
  • vanity

Depending on the product or service you intend to sell, you will tap into chosen emotions to generate a reaction. For example, imagine that we sell a  new diet system. In this case, we can use jealousy, envy, pride altogether.

Step #3: Proof

4p copywriting proof


Now that your audience has visualized the many benefits of your product or service, do you really think that they will buy from you? No, they won’t. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Even worse: your audience can even be defiant about this new product.

Indeed, this can be easily explained as 92% rely on other people’s reviews before buying a product.

Consequently, you have the step of proof to fight this level of resistance. You have several kinds of proof:

  • awards
  • reviews from local or national magazines and newspapers
  • testimonials from satisfied customers
  • celebrities’ endorsements

As a matter of fact, the result of adding proof has been measured for some types of copy, such as landing pages and newsletters. For example, according to Unbounce, landing pages that exhibited social proof such as testimonials average a 1% higher conversion that those that didn’t. Also, social proof can increase newsletter signups by 20%.

Step #4: Push

call to action


Now this is the moment where you push your offer. Indeed, it’s the moment where you explain the compelling reason why your audience must buy your product or service. In addition, you also present your price at that moment and you introduce your call-to-action.

Also, if you have discounts, guarantees, free bonuses, or limited-time offers, this is the best moment to present them to your audience.

Moreover, the results of the push step can be multiplied if you write a personalized call-to-action. For instance, according to HubSpot, they increase conversion chances by 202%.

What are the applications of the 4P approach?



Copywriters and marketers can use the 4P approach for many types of copy:

  • sales letters
  • promotional emails and materials
  • argumentative essays
  • video scripts
  • landing pages…

Contact ECA Copywriting to create compelling copy for your audience


Do you want to write compelling copy for your product or service? In that case, you are in the right place! Thanks to its personalized application of the 4P approach, ECA Copywriting will demonstrate its ability to sell your products and services to your desired audience. If you’re interested in my skill set, feel free to contact me.

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  1. Aly


    Wow, I’ve never heard of this system/method before, but it really resonates with me! I found your discussion on the differences between “promise” and “proof” to be interesting. I think a lot of people work on the “promise”, but leave out the “proof” and end up leaving a lot of business on the table. Thanks for the helpful and easy-to-follow guide!

  2. Anastazja


    This little outline for writing good content is so useable.  The 4P’s, which you describe so well, are simple but a wonderful foundation for building anything from an article to a book.  As I read your article, I was thinking that this is a good idea technique to apply to each chapter of a developing book.  I have always written from a point outline.  This little formula can be applied at any stage of the writing process from outline development to content creating to proofing.  Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hari S Nair


    I am in the affiliate marketing field and I write genuine reviews of digital as well as physical products. I have always thought about using proper compelling writing. I think the 4P method that you provided here will prove to be very useful for me, I will surely use it in my upcoming posts and see the result. Thank you for the information.

  4. amzyno


    Woah very simple but informative piece of information it goes straight to the point The 4P’s, which you describe so well, are simple but a wonderful foundation for building anything from an article to a book. you have explained why the 4p approach is popular in steps making it easier for users to read it nice!! keep it up

  5. Hilde


    Copywriting is certainly a great skill to master. I think ,many maketers are grateful to have a good copywriter by their side. Thank you for an interesting blog post and some great  basic tips on copywriting.

    I took a look at your services and testimonials. You got a good specter of services to offer. 

    I have a few questions for you that I hope you can answer.

     How are you testing the copies you write before selling them? In other words How does the customer know the copies they buy will sell?

    And I just wonder how much can you earn as a copywriter in a month? 

    • admin


      Hello Hilde,

      Thank you for your comment.

      You can test the copies by having them read by a peer but you don’t know in advance if th copy will work or not. You can’t guarantee that. THat being said, if you nailed the customers’ need, they will certainly buy. The income of a copywriter depends on its status. If he works for an agency or a corporation, the income stands between 35k-60k depending on his/her experience. A freelance copywriter earns from$ 0 to 1M per year. It depends on his/her ability to find clients and retain them. Hope this answered your questions.


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