5 Myths About Freelance Copywriting Business Debunked


Dear Friend,

For almost everyone, starting a freelance copywriting business can be difficult. For me, it was an unexpected move.

Indeed, I’ve always enjoyed writing on several topics. And I wanted to launch my business so badly because I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I never, ever found my place in corporations. I had a hard time accepting to be submitted to people who were sometimes more stupid than I was – not all of my bosses and colleagues were like that, fortunately!

That’s why I wanted to write this article today to show you what I needed to have the courage to launch my business platform. You’ll see that I didn’t need to be very special to land my first projects. I could start building my own portfolio, even if I didn’t have lots of experience.

Are you ready to share my experience and see some copywriting myths debunked? Let’s go!

Myth #1: You need a lot of money to launch your freelance copywriting business


copywriting myth 1


False. I didn’t need a lot of money to launch my business. Honestly, I just needed to build my website. So the only thing I am paying right now is my hosting fees.

Moreover, I also pay for memberships in freelance networks because I need to find clients and to contantly learn. But I didn’t need a whole lot of money to start my website. I might need to have an advertising budget in the future, but I haven’t used this opportunity yet.

Myth #2: You need a specific college degree to become a freelance copywriter

False. I didn’t need a journalism, English or literature degree. I have a MSc in Finance and it didn’t prevent me from becoming a freelance copywriter. However, I did follow a dedicated training offered by the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) called Advanced Copywriting.

I do believe that this is one of the best copywriting training in the market right now.

Myth #3: You need to be a master of English language (or French, in my case)


copywriting myth 3


False. I do work in French and Engligh, as I am fluent in both languages. I never thought that I needed to be the next Charles Dickens or Honoré de Balzac.

However, my writing style must convince my audience to take action. It could be to suscribe to a service, or to buy a product. This is why my clients are paying for my services.

Myth #4: You need to have extensive IT skills



False. Personally, I’ve never been a computer nerd. Of course, like many people who used to work in banking and advisory services, I have some skills (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). Nevertheless, I’ve never had to show extensive IT skills.

Myth #5: You need to be a creative genius



True and false. In my own experience, I noticed that I needed to have some creativity on a specific assignment. The client wanted an ad for the local magazine to present its activity. Though the client told me what he wanted, I had to come up with my own vision and my own words.

But most of the time, I take ideas from the clients and from my research on the specific topic or niche I am working on.

Well, that’s for this article! What have you thought about my experience and about the copywriting myths that I debunked? Do you see other myths that I should have talked about?

Please feel free to share in the comments section!

Check also my Services page or my Contact page if you need more information about my trade.

See you soon!




  1. Alejandra


    I’ve been blogging for a few years and I wanted to see my website doing better, I was told I need to improve my copywriting and I need some help to learn more about how to write better titles for my blog post and my Social Media posts, I’m glad I found your article as it’s good to know I don’t need to go back to school to learn how to write better titles for my articles, I will read more on your website for sure!

  2. angell70


    I love this article, it is so full of truthfulness and heart feeling. I really like how you’ve explained what you’ve done and what the audience can do to be successful as a freelancer. The myths are always there but what we believe is just up to us. Really appreciate your honesty. Thank you for this splendid article. I have no further questions for you.

  3. Cogito


    Thank you for very interesting article. I always liked to write and recently I started to thing about changing my career path and try myself in freelance business. But I had my doubts and your post addressed most of them. Its good to hear that entry costs are not so high and you don’t need master in language to be successful. Looking forward to use your advices in practice.

  4. MIchel


    Thanks for debunking some of the myths associated with being a copywriter. You are right. Anyone can do this, and the more you do it the better you become at it, well that is what I have found.

    It also helps a lot that you enjoy writing because if you don’t, you are not going to put everything into your writing, and then it just becomes another boring chore.

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